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Force of Nature

Steam Rocket Bike

Steam Rocket Bike

'Force of Nature' is a steam powered 'Rocket' motorcycle built for drag racing, record breaking, exhibitions and events.

It uses the latent energy of super-heated pressurised water released through De laval nozzles, where it turns to steam and creates the thrust to propel the bike forwards.

The design brief was to create a Rocket bike like no other: Build quality to rival THE BEST, as well as unique green credentials. No proprietary motorcycle parts were to be used unless they were deemed un-improvable! The idea was to build a steam powered Rocket bike with a potential speed of 200+mph, which had never been achieved before.

Latest News

Aim Technologies come on board for 2024

Aim Technologies Data logging have offered their products for the team to use in 2024. We will be able to log and analyse pretty much everything we need to know whats going on with the bike and the heating system. We will be logging dynamic cylinder pressure and temperature as well as G force and wheel Speed through sensors and a GPS reciever. Also we will be able to log the inlet and outlet temperatures of the heating system to control the heat going into the vessel. There will be outputs and alarms to turn the burner off and protect the vessel if pre set parameters are ...more

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