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Force of Nature

Steam Rocket Bike


'Force of Nature' is a steam powered 'Rocket' motorcycle built for drag racing, record breaking, exhibitions and events.

It uses the latent energy of super-heated pressurised water released through De laval nozzles, where it turns to steam and creates the thrust to propel the bike forwards.

The design brief was to create a Rocket bike like no other: Build quality to rival THE BEST, as well as unique green credentials. No proprietary motorcycle parts were to be used unless they were deemed un-improvable! The idea was to build a steam powered Rocket bike with a potential speed of 200+mph, which had never been achieved before.

Latest News

Valve Redesign Promises Good Results

Following disappointing test-rig results with the original bought-in valves, Graham Sykes has completely re-designed the operation system and manufactured custom design main operating valves. Graham explained "The original ball valves were unable to withstand the pressure temperature of the super-heated water and although they opened on the test-rig, they didn't always shut. The new valves use a completely different concept incorporating bespoke poppet valves, operated by compressed nitrogen. Initial tests using compressed air look very favourable." The ...more

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