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Tests Prove to be a great Success

Testing of the new Rocket motor last week proved to be a great success . We took bike to Elvington for the first test on Thursday and with half tanks, low pressures and the smallest nozzle inserts we could run, we succesfully completed two runs. The first with myself riding and the second run with Phil Wood taking on the riding duties. It was great to see the bike run for the first time and not be on it! 

Following the Tests at Elvington we decided to carry on to Melbourne Raceway near York to run on both the Saturday and Sunday. This was a great opportunity to start to increase the power and get some data.

Saturday we ran with the same set up as Elvington but increased the pressure and temperature. The run went well but my thumb cam off the "GO" button but I managed to hit the button again and ran through with a steady 7.01 @ 96mph in the 1/8 mile.   On inspection the firebox that heats the bike up on the Mothership required some work so we decided to remove it and take it back home to repair.  This was repaired and we got back to the track around 8.00pm just in time for something to eat and watch the live music.

Sunday we increased the nozzle size to around 40% power and we ran a nice clean run apart from the timing lights not giving me a time. Looking at video footage of the run it looks like I shallow staged as the stage light was flickering. lesson learned,,  stage deeper!.  The unofficial reaction time was 1.29 seconds and the elapst time and speed were 5.32 seconds @ 127mph.  We are well on our way to start going fast with this bike.  The bike handles really well and everything worked as planned.

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