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About Us

We are a small family run precision engineering company, Graham Sykes and wife, Diane, working in all forms of materials from specialist plastics to super alloys and Titanium. We make almost everything for our customers from designing and manufacturing parts and small precision components to specialist machinery for the food industry and other sectors.

The team:

Chief designer and engineer Graham Sykes has been involved in straight-line motorsport since 1979. Graham has worked on many prestigious projects including six years as race engineer for Vauxhall's championship winning British and European Touring Car Team, engineer and key team member for the 'Firestorm' jet powered dragster and is currently part of the engineering team working on '52 Express', a world land speed record motorcycle. Graham is the current British land speed record holder for a 3-wheeled vehicle achieved with his self-designed and engineered V8 engined 'Syko'.

Graham’s wife Diane takes on the roll of financial director and purchaser. Not unfamiliar with motorsport Diane has been inherently involved in running the bikes for the last 22 years; crewing for the team on the start line and towing the bike back after completing runs. Diane’s strengths also come into play with the administration/accounts, travel logistics and hospitality, something every project is lost without. Behind every man there is always a good woman!









Graham & Diane Sykes

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