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18 2024

Team Force of Nature Team wins prestigious Zef Eisenberg Memorial award

The "Force of Nature" Steam Rocket bike were in attendance at the Straightliners  UK&ITA presentation evening. And ...more

04 2024

Force of Nature to exhibit at the Newark Winter Classic Bike Show 6-7th January

Once again The Force of Nature Steam Rocket Bike will be on Display on the Straightliners -UK&ITA stand at the Classic Bike Guide Winter ...more

01 December 2023

Aim Technologies come on board for 2024

Aim Technologies Data logging have offered their products for the team to use in 2024. We will be able to log and analyse pretty much ...more

09 November 2023

Force of Nature to exhibit at the SPS Show in Nuremburg Germany

Diane and myself will be taking the bike over to Nuremburg in Germany next week to have the bike exhibited on the IMI Norgren stand at the ...more

25 2023

End of Season with a new record

Elvington on the 23 September was the last run of the season for The "Force of Nature" Steam Rocket bike and what a run it was.   We ...more

11 2023

175mph in the 1/8! 6.71 second1/4!

We were invited to run the Force of Nature to close the show on Friday evening at Dragstalgia. We ran a sterling time of 6.7189 seconds ...more

29 2023

Land Speed Record Broken

Well we have only gone and done it!  New world record for a Steam Powered Motorcycle. Rarified by the UK&ITA Governing body ...more

12 2023

Melbourne Track record falls

We will once again be taking the Force of Nature Steam Rocket Bike to Melbourne Raceway this weekend, where last meeting we became the fastest ...more

03 2023

Elvington Top Speed and Drag Racing Show 25th~26th, February 2023

Once again we have been asked to exhibit the Force of Nature Rocket Bike at The Annual Straightliners Top Speed And Drag Racing Show at ...more

14 2023

Foggy Tries Force of Nature for size

Carl Fogaty was on hand at the Newark Winter Classic Bike show and asked if he could try The Force of Nature for size. We had a few laughs ...more

14 2023

Force of Nature Winner At Show

Force of Nature was successful at the Mortons Winter Classic Bike Show  The bike scooped Show Bike of "Most Technical Interest" ...more

04 2023

Force of Nature To appear at The Newark Classic Bike Guide Winter Show 7th, 8th January 2023

Come and catch up with the Straightliners team on our stand in the Lady Eastwood pavillion Newark Showground this weekend 7th 8th January ...more

18 October 2022

Track record Broken and confirmed quickest ever motorcycle at Melbourne Raceway

The season Finale at Melbourne Raceway was a rollercoaster event for the team. Having found a small steam leak coming from a 1/4 ...more

04 October 2022

Saeson Finale at Melbourne Raceway

The last meeting of the season is happening this weekend 8th and 9th of October. We will be taking along the Force of Nature Rocketbike ...more

23 2022

Force of Nature invitation to the British National Records meeting.

We are proud to announce that the team have been invited to run at the British National Records meeting at Elvington this weekend,sunday ...more

22 2022

Force of Nature Wins Best Presented Bike at Melbourne Raceway

We were presented with the Bill Barrowcliff Trophy for the best Well turned out Team and Vehicle at the last Melbourne Drag meeting on the ...more

22 2022

Tests Prove to be a great Success

Testing of the new Rocket motor last week proved to be a great success . We took bike to Elvington for the first test on Thursday and ...more

14 2022

Hans Maarten Vink

We were invited to Santa Pod to display the 'Force of Nature' Rocket Bike in the Main Marquee at the very popular Dragstalgia ...more

08 2022

Feature In Race Engine Technology Magazine

The May-June 2022 edition of Race Engine Technology features not only the Force of Nature Rocket bike on the front cover but also a ...more

10 2022

Force of Nature to appear at The Kick Back Show

We are excited to be taking the Force of Nature to the Kickback Show on the 2nd and 3rd of April at the 3 Counties Show Ground Worcestershire. This ...more

15 2022

Elvington Top Speed and Drag Racing Show resounding success

Elvington Top Speed and Drag show was a resounding success. despite terrible weather the show was not disrupted as the whole show was under ...more

11 2022

Elvington Top Speed and Drag Racing Show 12th, 13th, February 2022

We are taking the all New Force of Nature Steam Powered Rocket Bike with the new large Rocket motor to the Elvington Top Speed and record ...more