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End of Season with a new record

Elvington on the 23 September was the last run of the season for The "Force of Nature" Steam Rocket bike and what a run it was.


We managed to beat both our 1/8 mile times and our 1/4 mile time in the same run.

Running at Elvington we had no 60ft beams as we were running from the flying mile marker to the flying 1.25mile marker using the distance as a standing 1/4 mile track.

Non the less we achieved a very creditable 1/8 mile time of 3.407 seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 6.17 seconds coasting from the 1/8th

This makes us the second fastest motorcycle over the 60 ft, 330Ft and 660 ft (1/8 mile) in the World to date. running only 0.007seconds behind Eric Teboul on his Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket bikes 60 ft time.

Next year we will have a much better pressure vessel, outlets, Valves and nozzles to work with and are aiming to improve on this years times and speeds.

Its going to be a busy winter making all the improvements 

Keep posted for more news in the coming days, and thanks for all you support.

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